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HELLO LJ. It's been awhile. I bring good tidings and great gifts.

Anime: Hitman Tutor Reborn
Music: "This House is a Circus" by The Arctic Monkeys

It's been about a year since I started this video, but in the last several years I've gotten in the habit of working on things very intermittently. Work for a couple weeks, don't touch it for three months....rinse and repeat. I guess that's what having a job does to you.

But ANYWAY. I really had fun with this. Reborn is such a ridiculous series, ranging from way overly serious fight scenes to toddlers in cow costumes peeing on the floor. So what better song to capture that dichotomy than "This House is a Circus?"

This video does contain spoilers for the entire animated series, but if you haven't seen the show it probably won't matter much to you. Enjoy! Critique, as always, is extremely welcome!
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I got this set of Death Note action figures with my imported DVDs. I'm moving and don't have space for them, so I'm letting go of them very cheaply. Better photos under the cut - please make an offer! I'd prefer to sell them as a set but I'm willing to sell them on their own as well. Thanks! :)

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Writer's Block: Great Business Idea

What's the best small business idea you've ever had?
A nap house. It would be a small building in an area with a lot of businesses, close enough to quickly walk from many of them. You could rent a couch, a bed, whatever--for varying prices per hour, or for less than an hour. There would be dividers between the beds and a few different rooms. The employees' jobs would be to ensure that it stays quiet, change the sheets whenever a customer leaves, keep track of everyone's time limits and charge them accordingly. It would be a safe haven for people on their lunch breaks who were too exhausted to even think about food. :)
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Livejournal, this is an epic day. No amount of win and fail has ever been reported here before.


Reason why I haven't been scheduled in two weeks: My "attitude".

Why Rinny has been Fired

#1 - On the afternoon of Friday, June 1, Rinny was asked to make a pot of tea to put at the front of the store. This was never done. (Rinny was told by another girl that she was making the pot. The pot did, in fact, exist. However, this other girl never brought the pot to the front of the store.)

#2 - On the afternoon of Saturday, June 2, Rinny served a large party that included three children. The three children were meant to paint teacups as an activity. This activity, however, never took place. (Rinny was not told about this activity until they were almost done eating, and upon further questioning was not given the information she needed to carry it out. Another employee helped her begin to set up, but as the rest of the group began to leave around that time, Lurline herself decided that they should cancel the activity.)

#3 - On the afternoon of Saturday, June 2, Rinny was asked to mop the kitchen floor. This job, however, was not done to proper standards, and it took Allan 25 minutes to redo it. (Rinny did the best she could, and if it takes you 25 minutes to mop a floor, you are a moron.)

Other circumstances:

Due to the 25 minute excursion of Allan upon the kitchen floor, he refused to give her the full $30 he owed her and, instead, only gave her $15.

Poll #1003940 Pop Quiz

How much is Allan's time worth?

A Klondike bar
Over 9000
A pair of tongs

It has been reported that, despite frequent reports of how good an employee Rinny was, Allan was never satisfied with her performance.

Rinny told Allan to have a nice 25 years and left the store forever.
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Just a quick update before I log back into my Poly account, because RPing is omgfun.

This past week, we watched the movie Henry Fool in class. At about 2 hours long, it has very simple yet beautiful shots, an interesting and vague storyline, and characters that are continuously developing and surprising. It crosses many lines of convention, putting things on the screen that make your jaw drop at its audacity. It is very artistic without trying too hard to be--it has many silences where the character's movements and facial expressions show much more than their words ever could. Very strange, and yet completely ordinary--highly recommended.

Tonight I watched Anchorman. It was funny in parts, such as the "massive erection" in the crotchal area, but overall it was just good. Nothing horribly special that hasn't been done before. B.